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Kingston Community Centre Services

Providing Everything You Need

Kingston Community Centre Services

Kingston Community centre was initially formed in 2000 to provide facilities for the recreation or other leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the quality of life. It act as a focus enabling Tamil people to get-together in fellowship and to provide advice and information services. It also provides a forum for discussion of matters of common concern affecting the welfare of  the Tamil community.


 It has been restructured and revived in March 2011 to improve serviced and provide a focussed and centralised activities to suit people of all ages and to attract the wider community.


The currant activities include Keep-fit classes by a professional trainer, seminars and advise sessions on current matters concerning the welfare of Tamil community in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Kingston Community Centre

Welcome to Kingston Community Centre, the premier destination for all your leisure needs. We offer a broad range of activities, including gym and fitness centre, hobby classes, dance and music classes, library and reading room, meetings rooms, and conference facilities. Our mission is to provide our community with the necessary infrastructure and support to help achieve their recreational and business goals. Be it learning a new skill, staying fit, or conducting successful business meetings, Kingston Community Centre has got you covered.

Kingston Community Centre is the perfect place to stay engaged and active in your community. Our Library, health and welfare seminars, and recreational activities provide something for everyone. Come join our diverse community and enjoy our facilities today!

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